Thursday, December 14, 2006

Windows Media Player 11 - Start in Now Playing Guide

If you've just recently upgraded your Windows Media Player to the latest version 11, then you'll notice that your player now will always start in the Library.
Windows Media Player 11 New Look

You'll soon also realise that you can't enable the feature which automatically goes to Now Playing whenever you start up Windows Media Player 11 of which in the earlier versions you could turn that feature on.

The Solution? Well, its easy. Change each of your Windows Media Player 11 shortcut to include a " /Task:NowPlaying" at the end after wmplayer.exe

Here are some pictures which shows how to change the shortcut.
  1. Go to Start -> Programs -> Windows Media Player. Right click it and select properties as seen on this image here.
  2. A property window will appear which should look like this
  3. Change the "/prefetch:1" to "/Task:NowPlaying" as seen on the picture below.
  4. Its done! Now everytime you launch WMP11, it will go to Now Playing instead of the Library