Friday, May 19, 2006

IE 7 Beta 2 Review

So here it is, the second beta release by Microsoft. At first I had doubts like:
  • Will it crash my PC if I install it? Its Beta after all
  • Will I like it?
  • Can I uninstall it if I really don't like it?
  • Will it be a big change?

After installing the it, I was really faced with a dillema. I have mixed feelings. Its good yet sometimes its not good. Lets talk about the good parts

  1. Simple to use design
  2. Better looking Interface
  3. Has tabbed browsing
  4. Has auto check Webpage for phishing
  5. Better support for
    tags in HTML
  6. Has a delete All for clearing Temp Internet Files, Cookies and History

The bad parts however are:

  1. Missing File Menu (could be turned on by selecting classic menu, but it will sit below the address bar
  2. The clear Type Font they're experimenting for better readability has some issues.
  3. Certain websites like Monash is a little messed up
  4. With the Auto-Detect Phishing, page loading is a little slow
  5. Seems to slow down with many IE Windows open
  6. Websites like Yahoo and Google prompts to download their search bar everytime.

Here are some screenshots for you all to have a look at it.

All in all, its a good step forward for IE. It meets a lot of the improvements wanted for IE. There is also a plugin page for IE7 where users could download certain plugins for IE7. I haven't tried any of it yet but I saw there was a Download Manager for download. With this beta release being so much better than IE6, I can't wait for the real IE7 to come out. We'll wait and see if they fix the stuff I mention here.


Monash website screenshot as requested


At 4:07 PM, Blogger nitsuj said...

in wat ways r sites like Monash messed up???

At 12:16 AM, Blogger -Leto- said...

hmm ill take a screenshot and show u... the is fine.. but the normal or is messed up


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