Friday, June 23, 2006

Formatting the Computer with Windows XP CD

Format Checklist

Before you format, make sure you have completed the following checklist.

  • You have all the drivers required after the format
  • The CD/Setup files for the applications you need to install (eg. Office, Winamp, Winzip, eMule, Azureus, etc)
  • Make sure you have backed up all important files like word Documents, images and videos onto CD/DVD
  • Remember to save your favourites (a common overlooked item)
  • Ensure that your Windows XP CD has SP2 preloaded. If not, ensure that you have the SP2 Setup File
  • An antivirus for installation after installing XP


To format the computer, we would have to use the Windows XP CD. (Home or Professional is fine).

  1. First boot the computer onto the XP CD. (Configure the BIOS boot sequence to boot from CD)
  2. If its booting from CD, a phrase would appear saying Press any key to boot from CD.... Press any key to do that (Please don't ask what is the any key. I'll smack you! :P)
  3. A blue screen would appear showing the Windows XP Setup with some loading at the bottom of the screen.
  4. After all the loading a Welcome to Setup Screen would appear

  5. Press Enter to continue
  6. The Windows XP Licensing Agreement screen would show up. Read it if you want, if not just press F8. If you do, press F8 anyway

  7. Now, we'll be in the page which shows the existing partitions and unpartitioned space on your computer

  8. To format, we'll have to delete the partition and recreate it
  9. Press D key to delete the partition
  10. If its a system partition a screen would appear asking if you are sure with the deletion, press Enter to confirm

  11. Another confirmation screen would appear and to confirm the deletion

  12. Press the L key.

  13. Now we'll be back to the original partition screen showing your unpartitioned space as we have deleted the partition.
  14. Press the C key to create a partition

  15. Enter the size for your partition.
  16. The maximum size possible is already automatically entered.
  17. Press Enter to confirm

  18. We'll be back to the partition page showing your partitioned space and some unparititoned space.
  19. The unpartitioned space which is small cannot be partitioned (I'm not sure why yet)
  20. To begin the format and the installationo of Windows XP, press Enter

  21. The format page will appear prompting some format options. If your partition is above 40GB, the FAT option is not shown.
  22. There will be 2 format options, Quick and the non-Quick. If you're rushing for time, you may use the quick but the non-quick one is always recommended

  23. Press enter and the format will commence
  24. once done, the installion of windows XP will begin
  25. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.


At 12:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Formating the Computer using MS-DOS 6.22 Disks

1) Place the disk labelled as MSDOS 6.22 (Disk 1) into the A: Drive
2) Switch on the Computer
3) Wait until you see the following prompt on screen: '[A:\]'
4) Enter the following: 'FORMAT C:'
5) Press the Enter Key, and press 'Y' when prompted if you wish to continue

The format utility will now begin to format your C: Drive

At 11:40 PM, Blogger -Leto- said...

that works. but where does one find a ms-Dos 6.22 disk??

Not to mention, not all PC's come with Disk Drives anymore.. :P

At 10:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can always get the MS DOS 6.22 Disk images from the P2P networks that you love so much mah.. Not to mention, its possible to write the disk images to a USB drive and boot from there if there's not Disk Drives anymore right?


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