Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Will AMD Drop ATI's Brand?

Recently, AMD has bought over ATI. The reason being that they will be a major processing powerhouse beating Intel/Nvidia. The move is said to benefit both the companies in the future. Whether that is true, we do not know.

Intel didn't really make any comments but just continue its own business as if nothing happened. Nvidia however celebrates its victory as they now believe ATI has lost the war.

However recently, there has been reports that AMD might drop ATI saying that they look at this move is more like a takeover rather than merging. Another AMD employee however says that ATI's brand name is strong and should remain.

What will be the outcome is still uncertain but if they do drop ATI's name, how do you fancy AMD Radeon?

Here is a little joke created by some fan regarding the merge by jumbling up the letters :)


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