Thursday, August 24, 2006

ATI Launches First GDDR4 Graphics Card

Well I guess its a lot sooner than I expected. Many would have thought that these cards will come out after DX10 arrives. Well, guess not! So what's new on this card besides its GDDR4?

The ATI Radeon 1950XTX carries its new R580 GPU processor. With the GDDR4 Ram, the memory clock speed is capable of reaching 2GHz. Its GPU Core is clocked at 650Mhz. ATI claims that this one core card can beat most of Nvidia's DualCore Cards. The manufacturer also claims that with their new fan design, it is quiet and stays relatively cool which is a plus as many of my friends say they can't sleep when their PC's are on.

The release of this card is suppose to claim victory over its main rival, Nvidia. According to Tom's Hardware, the benchmark proved that the ATI Radeon X1950XTX beats the Nvidia GX-2 Cards in 6 out of 10 benchmarks. Thats a good start considering that Nvidia's card is dual core. Also in the bid to get the better of Nvidia, the X1950XTX cards are cheaper than the GX-2's of Nvidia.

Here is a screenshot of the acclaimed card. The X1950XTX

The "X" make it sound cool!


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