Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Intel Outside?

I was looking around for any new interesting IT related news to post but I found nothing interesting except that Nvidia will be launching 2 new graphic cards (7900GS and 7950GT) Unfortunately, its not interesting because its the 7900GS is not as powerful as 7900GT and 7950GT is not a comparison with 7950GX-2. Its just to capitalise on the overclockable GPU they have. So its nothing big, nothing new, nothing interesting.

So I was going through Intel's website to see if there's anything interesting. Nothing caught my eye till I noticed something different. Ever since Pentium 1 or so, the "inside" word is always inside the Intel circle. (as seen on the image below).

However, the newer chips like the Core 2 Duo and the Core 2 Extreme has the "inside" outside the circle. Lol. I wonder if its because of all the spoofing going around with the Intel's original logo.

As seen here, all of the logos have the "inside" outside and here are some spoofed out Intel logo

Is this the reason why Intel changed their logo?


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