Monday, September 25, 2006

Browser Tip

Since I've kinda ran out of topic and there has been little updates on the PC hardware, I've decided to share a little tip on web browsers to ease up browsing and helping you type less.

If you are trying to access any website which starts with http://www.(sitename).com , you can just type on the address bar as shown on the image below then press CTRL+Enter. The address will automatically be filled with the http://www.(sitename).com and also automatically load the page as shown on the image below.

Another tip is that if you want to open the links on a new window, you can hold shift and click on it rather than right clicking the link and selecting "Open in a New Window". If you have a browser which uses tabs like Mozilla and IE7, to open the link in a new Tab, press control and click on the link. It will create a new tab and open the link on that tab.

These tips should work on IE5.5 and as far as i've tried, Firefox supports it as well. Though many of you may know this already, but i've come a cross many people who asked me. "Eh you just typed yahoo how come suddenly can open

I hope this tip helps you if you have not know it yet.


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