Wednesday, October 25, 2006

AMD Reveals its Quad-Core Design

Many people question what is AMD doing while Intel is shining with its Core 2 Duo and its soon Quad Core chips. When is AMD releasing their Quad-Core stuff? Many talks have been going on and some AMD supporters sigh when Intel will be releasing their Quad-Core chips soon.

Though AMD has claimed that their Quad-Core design will significantly be better than the Intel's, but without any physical proof, it can only be theoretical and thus be fantasised by some people.

Well, AMD has recently leaked a bit of their CPU design for the Quad-Core chips.
AMD has always claimed that its native quad-core design is superior to Intel's plan of bundling two dual-cores in one chip. The company has already started revealing the details that back-up its superiority claims. At the heart of the issue lies AMDs Direct Connect architecture which utilizes serial hypertransport links to directly connect memory, CPUs and some IO subsystems. The design offers great advantages in scalability and is allowing AMD to even consider octal-core implementations.

If they release their quad-core, it is possible to see a octal-core chip shortly after that with a design such as these. I think that AMD is purposedly letting Intel getting all the limelight while AMD works on their little design. I personally believe that AMD will beat Intel in going to octal-core chips.

Intel's Kentsfield design is based on the sharing of the front side bus, a hurdle which AMD avoids using the dedicated HT links for each dual core CPU. I wonder if Intel will change or postpone the release of their quad-core for home users to a later date now that this information is available.

AMD has also confirmed that its CPUs will be available in speeds varying from 2.6 to 3.0 GHz. Does it mean that each core is producing that clock speed or does it mean that all 4 cores total to that speed?


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